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The culture of our organization is vital; and it starts with YOU! Veritas Prime is looking for strong talent who want to grow WITH our organization. We have built a unique internal culture that compensates hard work and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. We provide the platform, you get to shine.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    At Veritas Prime we are committed to providing our clients with the best service driven by our values of Truth and Excellence.

    "Truth combined with personal performance and development will give you limitless opportunities for growth."

    - VP Partners

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Veritas Prime sets itself apart from competitors through the Innovation and Entrepreneurship qualities possessed and performed by its employees. Our employees are encouraged to seize every opportunity and transform it into a viable business strategy. 

    "I love that Veritas Prime gives me the opportunity to grow.  The ability to collaborate on many different kinds of engagements and modules, coupled with constant learning of new concepts, keeps the job fresh and exciting!"

    - Ryan Summerskill, Principal Software Engineer

  • Transparency

    At Veritas Prime everyone is encouraged to share ideas, express their thoughts, and keep an open mind.

    “Veritas Prime is really a unique and special company. Many consulting companies say “our people are what set us apart”, but at Veritas Prime this is actually true, and our consultants really are exceptional, and the company genuinely supports their efforts to be their best.”

    – Jeff Sweet, SuccessFactors and Workforce Software Consultant


  • Teamwork

    A collective effort from the entire Veritas Prime team to provide the client with the best quality service promotes the contribution of expertise from a wide range of employees.

    "As a new employee at Veritas Prime I feel challenged and inspired to rise to the level of excellence exemplified by my teammates. The company culture at VP has supported my growth and allowed me to feel comfortable offering my personal best in each situation that arises. "

    - Elizabeth Bastien, Prime Member

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